Back End Developer (tech lead)



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Title: Back End Developer (tech lead)

Location: St.Eriksgatan 60, Stockholm


Sweden is living in a world with old dinosaur energy companies powering our daily lives through fossil fuels. If you see a future in that you can head back to the search column.

Still reading? Good! We have about 50 years left of oil, which is also probably why Sweden has pledged to be fossil fuel-free by then end of 2040. 

Could this also be why all the dinosaurs are trying to copy everything we do? - You tell us!


Who are we?

We are a new age energy company that provides solar, batteries, car chargers and electricity which are all visible and working together in our App. We are sure that this will be how all homes get their energy eventually. So, yes, we are doing good for the world but that doesn’t mean we are soft; we are not backing down to the old energy companies, quite the opposite. We are taking them head-on with aggressive, bold marketing strategies that look sleek and not like your boring energy company.


Still here? Cool, here is what we are looking for:


As a candidate for this role we require you to have:

  • At least 4+ years of back end development in Web applications
  • At least 3+ months of Cloud Development in AWS.
  • At least 1.5+ years of node.js experience
  • Solid knowledge in working with databases
  • Self-motivation and drive for getting things done.
  • Ready for a big and exiting challenge
  • Clear communication
  • Believes in a fun and creative working environment
  • Ability to share knowledge and teach other developers 
  • Is fluent in Swedish and English
  • Be a part of developing IoT solutions.


  • Bring your dog to work
  • Work from our downtown office (Sankt Eriksplan) 
  • Eligible for stock options after 6 months
  • Laptop of your choice, you'll just need to let us know whether you prefer Windows or Apple
  • Airpods or Bose Headphones
  • Phone of your choice
  • External training, conferences, and professional development sponsored by the company
  • Quarterly team Away Days
  • Annual company retreat

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